Vital Information (07-21-10)

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From 1 oz., or 28g, of a steamed dish of Scallops, our digestive systems can derive 31 calories of energy.  Only four of those come from fat, which means that we’d be consuming significantly less than one gram.  The rest of the nutritional composition consists of 15mg of cholesterol, 74mg of sodium, 6g of protein, and 20.5g of water, with enough Vitamin A, calcium, and iron to provide us with 1%, 3%, and 5% (respectively) of our daily requirement.  These figures are similar to that of raw lobster in calories, protein, fat and water, but superior in the sodium and cholesterol departments.  And, taken from another source, scallops contain only 87mg per 3.5oz. when examined raw.When breaded and fried however, as is with many pub and fast food menu options, their fat content rises to 13.47 per 100g, which translates to roughly about 4.5g to our initial 1 oz. 28g scale.  So be smart, and remember to steam or bake your scallops.This information was sourced from the websites Self Nutrition Data:, the USDA’s National Nutritional Database for Standard Reference:, and The Cooking Fishmonger: most common types of scallop fished and consumed in the NY metro area are the Bay and Sea Scallops.More on Pecten genus and its edible species in coming weeks…



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