Good Enough For Government (07-23-10)

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On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved 13-6 Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Now the Senate can vote on whether or not to confirm her appointment, although no schedule is set.  In a press conference on the same day, Obama called for the Senate to confirm her before a month long congressional recess beginning on August 7th.
Kagan was chosen by Obama late in the night of Sunday, May 9th and announced the next day around 10am.  She sat for a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee on the days of June 28th-July 1st.  The committee met again on the 13th to review her presentation and qualifications, deciding to defer their vote until the 20th, this past Tuesday.
Here is a clip of Kagan answering a question from Sen. Kohl.

We understand the gravity of the issue, but how does it take this long to confirm?  If these guys conducted the hearing, we’d already have a new captain of the Supreme Court softball team…


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