Good Enough For Government (07-30-10)

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The Senate Armed Forces Committee held the confirmation hearing for Gen. James Mattis, the candidate to replace Gen. Dave Petraeus as CENTCOM Commander, on Tuesday, the 27th.

McCain, Inhofe, Brown, Levin, Graham, Webb, LeMieux, were all there.  So was Carte “Bringer of Bagels” Goodwin, replacement for the late Robert Byrd and newest member of the Senate.

The whole thing lasted just under two hours.

Other things that generally last just under two hours:

  1. Dinner out at a casual/fine-fine dining restaurant, three courses with drinks, appetizers, and desserts, including driving there and back (depending on distance).
  2. A mainstream full length feature film, as long as you watch the coming attractions and give or take a bathroom break.
  3. A successful study session.
  4. A date which only one of the participants believes was successful.
  5. A high school softball game.
  6. Reading about 100 pages in a novel, about 50 if it’s postmodern.
  7. Cooking and eating your own meal of red beans and rice (if you take the whole 50 minutes to soak the rice).

But rarely when we reach the end do we get a new commander of the U.S. military branch that oversees all its operations and other activity in the Middle East.

The audio above is NPR’s coverage from Tuesday.

Watch on CSPAN to hear what Lindsey Graham said! OMG!


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