Good Enough For Government (08-13-10)

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If you’re not sure what the Department of Education does…you’re not going to find out from this post because, honestly, to explain the structure of an entire federal executive agency is out of synch, fundamentally, with the format of a blog and I didn’t even look it up.

But you will learn one thing the DOE did this week; and if you swing more in the direction of a bottom-up model of learning theory, then it’s a start…

On Wednesday and Thursday it hosted (specifically its Office of Safe and Drug Free School Zones) the 1st ever “Bullying Summit” at the Hilton Hotel on Cleveland Ave. in Washington D.C., alongside the Departments of Defense, Justice, Health and Human Services (bullying has been determined a national health crisis), and as if those didn’t seem odd enough, Interior and Agriculture, to discuss with psychiatrists, educators, community groups, students, and corporate representatives (Mozelle Thompson, a public policy consultant for Facebook was there), a basic layout for a DOE policy toward bullying.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan in his opening comments said that bullying is already in certain cases a crime under federal anti-discrimination law (the one charge in common among the kids arrested after the suicide of Phoebe Price in South Hadley, MA was the violation of her civil-rights).

In other, only semantically related, news the Senate reconvened on Thursday, four days into its summer recess, to pass a bill (H.R. 6080) that will appropriate $600 million to pay for equipment and 1,500 additional officers and agents to police the border.  It’s only the second time the Senate has interrupted its break.  The first was during Katrina.


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