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Kon and Amir’s greatest hip hop samples

On May 17th,, the website for Complex Magazine, posted an article compiled by Kon and Amir, of 50 classic samples, audio of the original cuts and recent tracks that feature them, and nostalgic blurbs about each one.

Complex is (according to Wikipedia which really is the only place that has any sort of profiile info on Complex [although it has been flagged because it seems to have been written by someone from the company itself]), a “metropolitan hipster men’s style/lifestyle magazine founded by Marc Ecko [yes that Mark Ecko] and Hugh McFall in 2002.”  On Amazon, a subscription costs $6 for 1 year and $10 for 2 years.  I’m not sure if the magazine or the website came first, but I would guess the mag.

The format has two covers on the front and back pages, a male celebrity on one and a female on the other (the current issues features Russell Brand and M.I.A.).  Gracing the cover of the August/September issue will be Long Island’s own pride and joy Lindsay Lohan, reported widely in blogs and mid-sized mass circulation newspapers like USA Today and The Daily News as one of the last things she did professionally before her trial.

Kon and Amir are a duo of DJs from Brooklyn, known for their Off Track volumes and the XLRBRTV Crate Digging episode 66 on YouTube in 2008.

The article is an interactive history lesson focused on a foundational aspect of Hip Hop musical structure.

Here is a link to the original article.


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