Monday’s Suggestion (08-16-10)

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Enter Robbers.  One of a handful of up-and-coming bands renewing my faith and interest in the Long Island music scene.

Robbers sounds as if Glassjaw was left stranded in Michel Gondry’ssubconscious, given a map and some heavy opiates and told to sonically translate the map in order to find their way out.

They can be both assaulting and reserved, often simultaneously, and there is something hauntingly engaging to their arrangements that tells you these guys are very deliberate in regards to their creative process.

Singer Andrew Accardi either rides along with or revolts against the laid back pulse laid down by the rhythm section, while a triple guitar attack and outside-the-box use of keyboard and synth sounds attack, giving a creepy urgency to each track.

In short these guys are artists.

If you’re a fan of ambitious attempts to move outside the rock genre and equally impressive live interpretations, then Robbers won’t disappoint.

They don’t have any New York dates currently posted on their myspace (they are now doing a month long stint of the midwest and southeastern US) but I imagine they will be back on stage in the tristate area sometime in the early fall.  Make sure you keep an eye out for them!

In the meantime you can pick up their record on Amazon or itunes.


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