Monday’s Suggestion (08-23-10)

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I had had a suggestion in mind for tomorrow (as I write it is Sunday night [as a matter of fact, we almost always write these the night before, or earlier]) since early last week but complications arose. Any expansion of the phrase ‘complications arose’ here would be tedious and reveal only details whose total banality would not only be a waste but also so off-putting (as it would become apparent to the reader about halfway through) that, trust me it’s best to just go with the vague cliche. If you’re someone who really can’t stand cliches, then I don’t blame you (whoops, sorry, that’s another one), but it’s really the lesser of two evils (sorry again, but this cliche does denote actual discrimination, which is, at least, something).

So, skipping ahead, the suggestion is- The Park51/Ground Zero Protests

Here are a bunch articles and other such informative links, about the Park51 project, the mosque inside it, the Cordoba Initiative, Stop Islamization of America, etc. As a whole, the collection adheres to a logic following a line of questioning that, if imperfect, at least attempts to uncover useful, reliable facts and sound conclusions (as many as Google can provide) about the argument (of which I’m guessing everyone basically knows enough for me to not have to use more energy trying to be explicitly clear as to what I’m referencing), which itself, may be a good place to start considering.

Here is a link to an article published on Dec. 8th, 2009 in the Regional Section of the NY Times, that seems to be the first news describing the plans of the Cordoba Institute to build at Park51.

Here is a link to what seems to be the first oppositional response to the construction project. It was written by Pamela Geller on the same day, Tuesday, Dec. 8th, on her blog Geller is the leader ofStop Islamization Of America (SIOA) and has appeared all over the news protesting Park51 in the name of SIOA, all of which can be viewed on the website.

On December 17th, still 2009, a proper investigative article with an oppositional slant on World Net Daily, which seems to be the first of its kind.

The blog began on Dec. 22nd, 2009 with an oppositional harangue calling on Mayor Bloomberg to follow the money being invested in Park51 and citing both of the references above. It’s probably worthwhile to just read through all of their blogs from last December to present.

Here is a link to another article from Dec. 17th on the center that reports on Feisal Abdul Rauf words and actions in a prayer service, posted onSpiegel Oline International.

I’m going to neglect typing out my opinion on the whole thing. I admit I vacillated a bit on which way to go with this (but not all that long and fairly mechanically). Again, it’d be worse to delineate the entire thought process (even though it really was brief), but I’ll just say I initially planned on not commenting, then thought otherwise, then re-thought back to the original choice.

It’s an elephant in the room type scenario, but in the end, I just wouldn’t know how to render it without collapsing into that shrill, reflexive, self-righteous, pundit-voice which is also deconstructive, chaotic and messy. The blog format doesn’t seem to allow for any serious treatment to an argument (try it yourself with any topic). The only passable method I can think of translating it into such compressed formats would be comedy: especially simple jokes. But this blog is already woefully unfunny.

This article, from Sunday in The Daily News is a good example of where the debate is at in the news, plus it has an ok video.

FAQ from the Cordoba Initiative’s website pretty much completely address the Park51 issue.

I’m sorry I’m going to have to cut it there. This is getting too long to handle in one blog anyway (It’s no longer Sunday, but, in fact, Monday).

It’s a good start for now. How much can you actually read in a week about something that, really, doesn’t have anything to do with you; at least in a direct way. Most people, I assume, have jobs. Although I haven’t seen the latest unemployment record. That’d be a whole other blog much longer than this one, though.

Looks like we may have another series on our hands.


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