Vital Information (07-28-10)

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Eminem – Recovery

For a large portion of Generation Y, Eminem played a huge roll in our childhood.  His maniacal, cartoonish delivery was unlike anything we had ever heard: and his blatantly pissed off lyrics hooked our teenage angst, making him seem like a kindred spirit.  From his JT Leroy meets Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit) debut Slim Shady LP to the raw frustration ofThe Marshall Mathers LP, the stages of our teenage life seemed to be synched with his growth as an artist.  Gradually, as we hit our 20s, Em’s verbal assaults seemed to come off as watered down or culturally irrelevant (at least on his studio albums).  At the same time, the generation that grew up rallying behind his middle finger anthems were beginning to take on the less rabble-rousing mindset of adulthood.

Fast forward to 2010, and the release of Em’s 7th Studio album Recovery.  What a coincidence that this outstanding album would follow an album that by his own admission…sucked.  Why is it a coincidence?  Because that same generation that he taught to flip the bird is also in its own shitty situation.  With over 10% of people between the ages of 25-34 unemployed, many for over a year, a comeback story is exactly what we need, and who better to star in this comeback than the man who we went to for consolation when we were teenagers?

Eminem’s new album is reassuring.  It settles a lot of those gnawing questions about whether our generation is past the point of a comeback and shows the rebellious voice of our youth is still strong.  But most importantly it’s progressive.  Had he recreated one of his classic albums, it would be hard to find it inspiring.  Much the same way telling ‘remember the days?’ stories can only offer temporary relief from the knowledge that we’re getting older. Eminem, needed to raise from the muck of albums like Relapse and Encore and deliver us a more mature way to say ‘fuck you’.  Recovery did just that, hopefully signifying a long lasting return to form for the man that is perhaps most credibly christened with the title of the voice of Generation Y.

Eminem’s new album Recovery is available now.  Cop it here.


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