Vital Information (08-04-10)

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Michael Bloomberg is a hipster.

Yes, Michael Rubens Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York City and 8th richest person in the United States (with an estimated personal wealth of $20 billion), takes his cues from the Pabst and Jack swiggin’ Brooklynati.

Unfortunately, despite an hour long google search, I was unable to find an image of our mayor incumbent flannel-clad and rocking out at an Animal Collective show.  However, I’m still confident that by the end of this blog I will have sufficiently established the validity of my statement.

Last summer, Brooklyn-based development company Macro-Sea came up with the idea to convert old 8×22 foot dumpsters into urban pools complete with filtration systems and the necessary dose of hipster irony.  They then began to throw secret, invite-only pool parties at undisclosed locations in Brooklyn where the local mods could meet to swim, drink, and eventually make sure they talk about these events in public places at a parsimonious earshot volume, on a regular loop, but make sure, with strict adherence to the hipster code of conduct, to reserve instructions on how to join the fun (thus is the hipster way).  Their tempered whispers were apparently prolific enough to make it all the way from Bedford Ave. to Gracie Mansion (or at least the $41 million Upper East Side townhouse where Mayor Bloomberg actually resides).

Macro-Sea has donated three of these pools to the city of New York, which the Bloomberg administration has agreed to put on the east side of Park Ave. between 40th and 41 St from 7 AM to 8 PM for public access on the first three Sundays in August.  Although these Manhattan pool parties will likely be more family-oriented then their Brooklyn predecessors, the hipster influence has clearly found its way into one of our mayor’s decisions.

And it’s not the first time.

On the bright side, the city made out a lot better than when the mayor went digging for street-cred across the East River and, in an apparent attempt to win over the heart of the uber-cool, ended up spending 50 million city dollars on the McCarren Park Pool Renovation.  I guess he figured this time it would be cheaper to just bring a little bit of BK to his island.

Oh, and in closing, I rest my case!


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