Vital Information (08-25-10)

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-Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator of Counterterrorism at the State Department, announcing the release of the report on Thursday, Aug. 5th (more than two months past the due-date)

Country Reports on Terrorism

The Country Reports on Terrorism is a document that depicts a worldwide account of terrorist activity from the year before, which the State Department is obligated by statute to prepare and publish every April 30th. By “worldwide account…” I mean (any attempted summary would come out too wrinkled and uneven here so it’s best to just list it) national synopses of terrorism for just about every country in the world including instances of terrorism, the prevalent sovereign and international laws, government institutions, engagement with the U.S. or other countries, and programs like Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) training, with attached dates, pre-dates, and references, as well as descriptions of institutions that make up a global counterterrorism infrastructure, general discusions of strategy, synopses of “state sponsors of terrorism” and “safe havens”, as well as profiles of the 44 groups determined Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) by the State Department (DOS’s website has 46 listed, but the extra two seem to come from factions out of the 44 and I’m assuming will be included in the report covering 2010).

The whole document is 296 pages and contains way too much information to sum up without leaving out crucial facts. So, we’re going to reprocess it over the next few months, piece by piece.


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