What To Do This Weekend (08-26-10)

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Envy on the Coast @ Irving Plaza (8/28 & 8/29)

I seem to find myself writing about the Long Island music scene quite often these days.  It could be excitement over a new generation of local bands that keep creeping up my itunes most played list or just me falling into the old trap of “write what you know”, but for whatever reason when I sit down to write, some variation on this topic seems to keep leaking out of my fingers on to the screen.

This week’s recommendation for the weekend is no exception.

I like to refer to 2005-2008 as the dark ages of Long Island music.  Once Taking Back Sunday and Brand New made their way into the mainstream, it seemed as though every band coming out of LI was either a doppleganger of one of those two bands or straight forward pop rock trying to ride the buzz swirling around the “Long Island Emo Band” concept.  During this time there were very few bands that I considered proper ambassadors of Long Island music, and only two garnered national attention.  One was The Sleeping, the other, Envy on the Coast, will unfortunately be playing their farewell shows this saturday and sunday at Irving Plaza.

I suggest you do your best to make it to at least one of these shows.

Not only is Envy on the Coast’s live performance like riding the boat from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory through the annals of Long Island rock, but the support acts they chose are all bands I would pay the ticket price for even if Envy wasn’t on the bill.  If you go Saturday, you get to see The Sleeping, who I mentioned in the previous paragraph and Neighbors, a LI band with a clear EOTC influence and a bright future. If you find yourself at Sunday’s show,  you’ll catch Gabriel The Marine (who I blog about probably once a week here) and the Bad Rabbits, a hip hop funk band I was lucky enough to see at the Sons of Modern Holiday Party last year.  What this adds up to is if you do decide to go to either show, make sure you get there at doors.  One more pre-game beer is not worth missing any of these acts.

EOTC might not have had a long career, but they definitely had a significant impact on a very influential music scene.  I give them a huge amount of credit for the quality of music coming out of Long Island at the moment and it’s a shame to see them go. They are all ridiculous musicians, and I’m sure whatever they move on to next will be awesome, but EOTC has become an institution on the Long Island Scene.  I’ve probably seen them 10 times in the past 4 years, and it’s kind of sad to think this weekend will be the last opportunity to do so.

If you’re still unsure if you want to check one of these shows out, here’s a live video of EOTC last performance at Irving Plaza.  It should clear up any doubt of whether or not this will be worthwhile.


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