Good Enough for Government

In Good Enough For Government, Matt on September 3, 2010 by Two Barbers

The Egg Roll

It seemed as though a lot went on in the federal government this week. On Tuesday, Pres. Obama declared an end to military combat operations in Iraq on TV, from the Oval Office, with Gates speaking to members of the American Legion. Biden left Monday to meet with the generals and major leaders in the Iraqi government. Clinton and the State Department initiated a new series of peace talks between Israel and Palestine on Thursday, planned to last for a year, with Netanyahu and Abbas present, among others. And Wednesday was the beginning of the “Too Big to Fail” hearing, the 7th hearing held by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee, the body that is in charge of writing the official report on the causes of the late 2008 financial crisis and the response of regulators (from the Washington Post).

However, this week’s highlight is the least sexy, from the federal agency with probably the least sex appeal: the FDA.

On Thursday, September 2nd, Alicia Mundy of the Wall Street Journal reported that the Justice Department is teaming with the FDA to investigate Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, the two farming operations that recalled about 550,000 million eggs in mid-August (about 1.5 eggs per U.S. citizen [depending on the outcome of the census] because of an outbreak in salmonella poisoning in the Midwest (so more than 1.5 since the area is truncated [not to mention in an region that is possibly the most sparsely populated in the country, although one coastal state made the list, and California at that]).

The investigation will be a follow up to a report issued by the FDA the on Monday that, among many violations cited such as rodent, insect, and amphibian infestation, note the discovery of the probable culprit salmonella strand in the bone meal component of chicken feed supplied by Quality Egg, LLC, which is also the parent company of Wright County.


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