What To Do This Weekend (09-23-10)

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Sarcasm Reunion Show @ Vibe Lounge (w/ support from Dussel Has Friends)

About 5 years ago I was going to Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre at least once a week.  If I wasn’t playing a show, I was going to check out some local or regional act that was on the same circuit as my old band before heading out to one of the other local bars. Although I was never going specifically to see Sarcasm, they would be on a lot of the bills and I would always stick around for their sets.  They had a sound indicative of the Long Island scene I loved, and always put on a kick ass show.

As 99% of bands inevitably do, they broke up and to be honest, I didn’t think much of it.  In fact I don’t think the band crossed my mind again until I saw they were doing a reunion show.  It could just be some sort of nostalgia-fueled optimism but I have a deep rooted feeling that this show can’t suck.  Sarcasm always tore the roof off every club I saw them play, and I have a feeling that five years away from being on stage together is going to result in an even more energetic show than I’ve seen in the past.  It doesn’t hurt that my band Dussel Has Friends was added to the bill as direct support, but even if we weren’t I know exactly where I would be Saturday night.

Vibe Lounge is a small club (cap 150) in Rockville Centre that somehow seems to attract bills that you would expect to be at a bigger club like Mulcahy’s or The Crazy Donkey.  It is also surrounded by a half dozen awesome bars, so after the show ends (at which point Vibe turns into a dance club) there is always someplace you can go within walking distance to get some beers and hang out.

Saturday will be a really good time.  There will be a lot of sing-alongs and dancing and no shortage of drunken revelry.  It might get a little crowded so be forewarned but you’ll be having such a good time raging that it probably won’t be that big of a deal.  In fact, it might even enhance the experience for you.  Afterwards you can cool down at Longhorn’s, Churchill’s, Croxley’s, MacArthur Park, RJ Daniel’s or some combination of the lot depending on what you’re in the mood for.

You will sweat.  You will drink.  You might even dance if the mood strikes you.  But no matter what, you will have more fun than your friends that don’t show up!



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