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About Costa Rica 


The Republic of Costa Rica incorporates 19,652 sq. miles of land, a combination of mountainous terrain, coastal plains, and 47% forest and woodland in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. 

Its capital is San Jose, located in the Central Valley on the 9’55’ N parallel and 84’02’ W meridian.  

Population: 4,075,261 (2006 estimate). 

GDP: $44.7 billion (2005).Major exports: Bananas, coffee, sugars, and textiles. 

Tourism is the most rapid growing section of the economy. 

The government does not maintain a standing army.  It is considered a democratic republic, with “democratic traditions dating from the 19th century” according to Lynn V. Foster in A Brief History of Central America(2007). 

Jose Figueres Ferrer, a.k.a. “Don Pepe” by the Ticos, is the nation’s founding father who oversaw the ratification of the Constitution in 1949, which among other things, nationalized the banks, assured suffrage to women and African-Americans. 

Laura Chinchilla, inaugurated on May 8th this year, became the first female president. 




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