What To Do This Weekend (10-07-10)

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Full Circle Bar

If you grew up on Long Island, you probably have fond childhood memories of going to Nunley’s in Baldwin or one of the Nathan’s that had the full arcade attached.  Even if you haven’t been to one of these places you probably had some place from your youth that you would go to pump quarters into arcade and basketball games in hopes of accumulating enough pale red tickets to get some sort of prize that would sit in your closet and probably never actually be used outside of a 24 hour period of winning it.  If this is ringing a bell to you, I’m willing to bet your favorite game at these places was Skeeball.  If you’re still with me, I’m willing to bet you’ve had a moment of nostalgia, and missed this game of kings.  Well I’ll let you in on a secret…

There’s an adult equivalent.

Full Circle Bar in Williamsburg.  Full Circle is the mecca of an ever-growing adult skeeball league.  It’s so dedicated to the game, that even the bar is made from old skeeball machines.  In addition, the drink specials are pretty stellar (5 dollars gets you a beer and a shot, including a Tecate and Los Generales Tequila that floored me last time I went) and there is a guy that comes around with some of the best Empanadas you’ll ever get for a dollar.

This place brings all the fun and laughs that came with one of your fondest childhood memories, plus you can get drunk.  It may be located squarely in the middle of hipster central, but even the unhip can come to this place, have a great time, shoot some skeeball and make some new friends in the process.

The goal of this series is to provide alternatives to the cliche New York City experiences.  It’s no midtown (overcrowded) bridge and tunnel bar; nor is it a typical hipster dive with bad lighting and arrogant conversations about why Animal Collective was so much better before they decided to transform into the opiate of the masses will be covered here.  Maybe you’ll group it in with the latter, but that would be a mistake.  PBR’s might be the most commonly sighted beer here, but the people are friendly, the mood is awesome and oh yeah, they have friggin skeeball!

Check it out this weekend, you might just end of joining the Brewskee League.  Just make sure you start thinking about a skee-themed name now.  My personal favorite “A Skeegue Of Their Own”.



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