What To Do This Weekend (10-14-10)

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Vinny Vegas at Fat Baby (Lower East Side)

Vinny Vegas has the potential to be the Tim Burton of indie rock.  Their sound intertwines the infectious melodies of traditional pop success stories with eery and progressive elements to create something both credible and accessible, just as Nightmare Before Christmas did as a film.  It’s no easy task to create heavily layered music with experimental song structure and have it still appeal to the common music fan rocking out at their desk, but Vinny Vegas does so, and with gusto.

The best part, they pull it off live.

This saturday night they will be making the Baltimore to NYC trek to prove Baltimore’s music scene has something considerably more appealing than Animal Collective to offer.  The party is at Fat Baby, and VV will be joined by Dogs Will Run Until They Die (Matthew Manning of Chronicles solo project) and the newly formed Fredrick the Victorious.

If you’ve never been to Fat Baby, it’s a small basement venue with a great beer selection and awesome sound on Rivington St, an ideal setting to check out a band like Vinny Vegas.  Their live set drives like a late night house party, but somehow comes off ridiculously tight.  In an intimate setting like this, you’re going to get one of those performances that reminds you what going to see local music is all about, and without being bombarded with hipster cliches.  This is a rare opportunity these days, so you better jump on it!

Here is a link to the Facebook Invite for more details.  I’ll see you there!



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