Monday’s Suggestion (10-18-10)

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Angie Mattson

Angie Mattson is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter by way of Michigan, North Carolina, the Caribbean and a million other places (read a full bio here).  Her sound is reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Florence & The Machine, but she delivers a sort of down home bluesy charm that separates her from these two exceptionally talented songwriters.

Her most recent record Skeleton Arm is a perfect soundtrack for a sultry summer afternoon spent locked in your apartment with a lover.  Angie has a voice that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention, and a knack for arranging songs in a matter that caters to both the technical minded musician and casual pop fan equally.

If you are fortunate enough to catch Angie Mattson in a live setting, you will experience a hybrid of the traditional singer/songwriter with a few small twists.  Angie and her guitar are joined onstage by Jeff Mendel, who largely carries out Angie’s hauntingly ethereal sound, and a Reel to Reel player that holds down the rhythm section as well as the auxiliary instrumentation that would be other wise impossible to pull off on the shoe-string budget of a struggling touring musician such as Miss Mattson.

Angie Mattson has lived a truly fascinating life, and her music is full of the little knick-knacks of experience she has picked up along the way.  Even if you do not fall immediately in love with Skeleton Arm, it’s worth a couple of listens before you abandon it.  I’ve played the album for several people in the past week, some experienced love at first sight while others took a little time to become smitten with it.  Even if it was at their own pace, everyone I played it for eventually fell in love with the album.

You will too.

You can buy the album here.

– Rich


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