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Why The Limousine’s Are More Intelligent Than You Think

On the surface the Limousines are just the pick of the litter amongst the droves of electropop bands that came out in 2010.  They seem to be a band that put simply is very good at what they do, even if what they do isn’t exactly groundbreaking.  However, if you give their debut album Get Sharp a closer listen, you will hear an insightful piece of social commentary delivered on the state of Generation Z as it reaches adulthood.

Take their first single “Very Busy People”, which reached the 7th spot on Alt. Nation’s Top 18 songs of 2009.  Carefully hidden behind the distractions of a hip dance beat and big hook, are lyrics that conjure images of a lethargic generation addicted to junk food and internet porn.  They point out not only how disaffected the youth of today are, but also their uncanny ability to convince themselves how busy they are without really accomplishing anything worthwhile (via time spent with social media, viral videos and loafing on the coach discussing the political message behind the ‘characters’ they see on what passes for cable news these days).  A little more of a message than say “‘Fireflies” by Owl City.

The Limousines followed “Very Busy People” with an ode to the Buggle’s hit ‘Video Killed The Radio Star”.  This reinterpretation of the song who’s video was the first ever played on MTV, again makes a valid social statement while keeping the dance party going instrumentally.  Whether or not the listener gets the reference to the Buggle’s song, the song still brings up one of the plaguing issues in music today.  The fact that the now outdated method of reaching stardom by getting video spins on MTV has been replaced with a path to success based largely on how many Facebook fans and YouTube channel views you get.

I’ll admit, had the Limousines not chosen culturally relevant messages as the subject matter for their lyrics, I would still listen to them.  The difference is that the lyrical content allows me to classify them as just an awesome band I enjoy listening to rather than a guilty pleasure.  As a music fan, this make me very happy.  I have enough guilty pleasures in my iTunes to explain to my friends.

Oh yeah, I should probably include one disclaimer.  The video for “Internet Killed The Video Star” managed to intelligently incorporate zombies, so I was probably going to dig them anyways…



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