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from Saudi King Abdullah’s meeting with President Obama at the White House on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 (taken from the website

On Wednesday, Andrew Shapiro, Assistant Secretary under Hilary Clinton in charge of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs at the State Department, announced that the Obama Administration closed a deal on military aircraft and weapons with Saudi Arabia. It has been in the news for weeks, but only officially announced this week.

The exact details are ambiguous right now and vary a bit across the different reports, but it seems the Saudis are committed to paying $30 billion and are expected to eventually pay a total of $60 billion for up to 84 (as per authorization) F-15S fighter jets (and upgrades for 70 old F-15s they already own) and 72 UH-60  Black Hawk, 70 AH-64D Apache Longbow, 12 MD-530F light turbine helicopters, as well as radar systems 600 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles, 400 Harpoons, 300 Sidewinders, and at least 3,000 guided bombs weighing 2,000 lbs each.

For those of you who just heard that in the adult from Peanuts’ voice, here are some links to videos of these machines and weapons being operated. The videos are pretty dry but, I thought, they showed the stuff in a way closest to what you’d experience if you saw it in person. There were many videos to be found and a lot of them with metal, ranging from the 80s to modern, but there was even one set to some homemade Epic Trance track. They were all silly.

F-15 Eagle– In this it kind of reminds me of the symbolic errant plastic bag in American Beauty, except with the additional effect of having the capability to wipe out an entire town in the mid-west.

UH-60 Black Hawk– Flown for a demonstration at an open house at Andrews Air Force Base by the Joint Services in Maryland.

AH-64D Apache Longbow– Just sort of squatting over a field taking some shooting practice.

MD-530F light turbine

High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles– I think I saw this one on line for a ride at Disney World.

Harpoons– “Woah, slow down Jimmy. You’re not an over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile with a cruise trajectory yet!”


AIM-9 Sidewinders

Now, Congress has 30 days to either approve or veto this exchange, but it is anticipated that there will be few objections and it will pass pretty easily. Then Saudi Arabia will begin to receive the aircraft in 2015. Boeing, who manufactures the F-15 and the Apache, estimate that this will create 77,000 new jobs within its company.



The majority of facts were taken from the breaking-article by Adam Entous published in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, October 20th.


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