Monday’s Suggestion (11-01-10)

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[The] Slowest Runner In All The World

When starting a band, if looking to give yourself a head start in achieving mainstream success, it is inadvisable to start a 6 piece ‘post-baroque’ instrumental outfit.  Brooklyn’s The Slowest Runner In All The World obviously didn’t get the message.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them while attending my friend’s poetry reading at a warehouse loft in Bushwick this past Friday night.  I was expecting hipster drivel. I instead witnessed a band that married thoughtfulness and originality better than any act I’ve seen since discovering Robbers two years ago.

The Slowest Runner marries contemporary rock with classical thought and what I can only describe as art-noise to create uninhibited soundtrack music.  The best comparison I could make would be to the emotive pop of  Explosions in the Sky, if it were layered with the eerie suspense of Jonny Greenwood‘s solo efforts.

This is not pop music.  At least not in the common sense of the word.  The Slowest Runner In All The World is clearly an artistic statement.  It is intense, and requires a thoughtful approach if you aim to really get the most out of your listening experience.  On the flip-side, it is also ideal to have on while studying or working on something that requires the majority of your attention, so don’t rule it out if you are looking for new background music that will spark intelligent thought.

The band has three releases, all of which are available at their bandcamp site, and are for sale at a ‘name your own price’ rate.  They can also be streamed free of charge in their entirety before being purchased.

Pick them up.

Recommended if you like: Explosions in the sky, Jonny Greenwood, Aunt Ange



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