What To Do This Weekend (11-11-10)

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This Condition


This Condition Music Video Shoot @ Crash Mansion (11/14)

When I first met This Condition they were an exceptionally talented, doggedly determined pop punk band with a ton of potential that was opening for my old band Styrofoam Junkies.

They also happened to be very young.

In the four years since, I’ve witnessed them make the transition from promising to professional.  Not just in terms of the rabid fan base and national touring experience they’ve acquired, but also as songwriters.  They always packed the sort of pop punch that was destined to be heard all over MTV, but they’ve added layers of depth and polish to their writing that I always thought they were capable of and hoped I’d get the chance to see one day.

This Sunday they’ll be taking the stage at Crash Mansion on the Lower East Side with another Long Island band that has earned a well deserved cult following, Patent Pending.  They’ll be filming the whole show for This Condition’s first music video, which means I would expect to see their A-game.

It’s been quite some time since the last time I’ve seen them play live, but they were always one of my favorite bands to play with, and if the YouTube videos I’ve seen of their more recent performances are any indicator, this is a can’t miss.

In short, this Sunday will be chock full of pop rock goodness that will leave you feeling a little bit better than you did when you got there…be a part of it!

Here’s the Facebook Event for more info.

– Rich


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