Good Enough For Government

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A Postponement (Friday. 11/26/10)

On Tuesday the FCC postponed its monthly meeting schedule for Dec. 15th to Dec. 21st.

This was widely depicted as a scandal by reporters and bloggers (source1, source2, and source3) on Wednesday and Thanksgiving, and the volume suggests that it may picked up briefly by one of the evening news shows tonight or sometime in December when it comes up again.

Julius Genachowski

The scuttlebutt is that industry execs. led by AT&T (who comes off as the villain overall), with support from 19 Republicans from the House of Reps. since as early as November 19 (source4 and source5), publicized the FCC’s apparent intentions to take up the issue of net neutrality during the meeting and discuss formats for regulation; and that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has been consulting with officials from AT&T, who (officials from which) was allegedly invited to the meeting as one of a group of “industry and public interest stakeholders”, for the past month (back to source3).

Net neutrality is a catch all term for the issue of regulating service providers on the internet. It’s more complicated than that and more complicated than can be handled in a blog, involving classification of broadband under the laws of the Communication Act of 1934 and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which is under the FCC’s jurisdiction, and the possibility of new, special legislation in congress (source6 and source1…back to..).



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