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Geology of Long Island a.k.a. From the Two Forks to the Verrazano

Long Island formed from a period of glaciations within the Pleistocene Epoch, in particular, the Tarantian (Upper) Stage, 0.0117–0.126 million years ago (ma). The most recent, however, was the Wisconsinan glaciation, which occurred about 22,000 years ago. This period created the two major backbones of Long Island, which are the Harbor Hill and the Ronkonkoma moraine systems. These created the topography, hydrology, and landscape that is native to Long Island from Orient Point and Montauk to Bay Ridge.


This is the third installment of Geology of Long Island. Here are links to the second and first installment from last Wednesday. Please return next week for as Brice’s conclusion to From the Two Forks to the Verrazano.


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