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Pigford II, And All That Ballyhoo

It’s late and I’ve been delinquent, so I apologize in advance for how bare boned this post is. Although, for some, that may be more palatable, and so to them I’m not sure what to say except thanks, maybe?

Letter to Sen. Reid posted on

Congress has been carried on a wave of publicity that built and broke with the election and has been rolling since, with drama over the transfer of powerful positions in the House, the meeting between Republican and Democrat congressional leaders on Tuesday, the ensuing letter to Sen. Harry Reid on Wednesday signed by 42 Republican senators threatening to block all legislation through the end of the 111th congressional session if all the EGGTRRA 2001 and JGTRRA 2003 tax cuts are not extended, and, not to mention, Charlie Rangel’s very drawn out, very public self-destruction which will reach its finale ultimately with a Tony award.

However, there has been a lot happening in the domain run by the Department of Agriculture. The Senate passed the Food Safety Modernization Act on Tuesday (although a procedural error rooted in the Constitution may hold it up  [and that also took place in Congress, actually]). And on Wednesday, Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, gave a media conference call from the Broadcast Media & Technology Center, which is part of the USDA’s Office of Communications, in which he took questions from callers and discussed farm and meat industry production stats (which are apparently reflecting an upturn), as well as the Pigford II settlement, which amounts to $4.6 billion appropriated by Congress (passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday) that will be distributed (executed by the USDA) to black farmers who filed suit in 1997 citing discrimination in the department’s lending programs and Native Americans farmers who have land royalty claims dating back to 1887.

in the House



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