What To Do This Weekend (12/2/10)

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2010 by Two Barbers

Minus The Bear at Terminal 5 (Saturday Dec. 4th)

If there is any justice at all, Minus the Bear will be counted among the greatest bands of this decade.  Their music is progressive, its innovative, it’s balls out rock…and to top it off, you can dance to it.  I’m not talking the typical arms folded half bobbing your head while trying your best to appear disinterested style of dance you see at most indie rock shows, and no not slam dancing either.  We’re talking John Travolta, Dirty Dancing and Grandmaster Flash all rolled into one big silky smooth movement of people having the time of their lives.

To top it off, Dave Knudson just might be the most underrated guitarist around on top of that.  He’s doing things with multiple part finger tapping and sampling that are changing the way people look at the guitar as an instrument.

There’s a little something for everything in a Minus the Bear show.  It’s an experience well worth giving a try, trust me I’ve seen them live 8 times already.





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