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Geology of Long Island a.k.a From the Two Forks to the Verrazano

The Harbor Hill moraine runs from Bay Ridge along the northern end of Long Island through the north fork and actually into the Charlestown moraine in southern Rhode Island. The Ronkonkoma moraine branches off from the Harbor Hill in the New Hyde Park area, then extends east through the center of Long Island to the South Fork, ending at Montauk Point.  These end moraine structures tell us that the glaciers had to come as far south as their location on Long Island.

The land south of the Ronkonkoma moraine grades into a flat topography. This is associated with an outwash plain. However, in the areas of the moraines you will notice the topography is hilly with relatively steep grades. That’s why the north shore of Long Island has rocky bluffs and the south shore has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


This concludes our mini-series The Geology of Long Island. Tune in to future weeks to learn more about local land scape and history from Brice, our RG (resident geologist). To read previous installments, click here, here, and here.


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