Vital Information (12-15-10)

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Top 20 Albums of 2010 (Part 1: Albums 16-20)

It’s that time again.  You know what I’m talking about, when every two-bit music nerd with a blog and an inferiority complex still lingering from high school makes their top albums of the year list that looks remarkably like every other ‘top albums of the year’ list you find on the internet.

Clearly, I’m not above this ego-stroking so without further delay, here’s the first installment of what topped my playlist for 2010.  Oh and if it looks like a bunch of other lists you’ve seen so far this year, it’s because these albums kick serious ass and belong there, just sayin’…

(20) [The] Slowest Runner in All The World – We, Burning Giraffes – Brooklyn instrumental art rockers.  Sounds like Explosions in the Sky were locked in a room listening to Johnny Greenwood lecturing them on how daft the world is (in a British accent obviously) and how to spread the message via instruments.

Standout Track: Zoe Machete Control

Recommended If You Like: Explosions In The Sky, Johnny Greenwood, Sigur Ros

Purchase ‘We, Burning Giraffes’ by [The] Slowest Runner in all the World on bandcamp – Download

(19) Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard – Syracuse-base, dreamy chamber-pop pioneers.  Completely under appreciated considering the amount of bands emerging now that are clearly influenced by them.  Not something you hear too often about a band in their mid-twenties.  This album is a bit more mature than their debut E.P but packs the same dosage of fun.

Standout Track: The Orchard, Boy, Keep It Quiet

Recommended If You Like: fun., Jukebox The Ghost, Gabriel The Marine

Purchase ‘The Orchard’ by Ra Ra Riot on iTunes – Download

(18) Naked And Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You – New Zealand electro-rockers sound like Passion Pit with a new wave fix.  Dig, dig dig it.  I spent a good portion of November with this record on repeat, probably won’t be the first time I do that with ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’ either.

Standout Track: No Way, Girls Like You

Recommended If You Like: Passion Pit, MGMT, Yeasayer, danc-y/hipster things…

Purchase ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’ by Naked and Famous on bandcamp  – Download

(17) Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone – Legendary soul singer teams with the ne’er do wrong king of alternative folk Jeff Tweedy on this gem.  So hopeful and roots-y, it just might be able to get me back in a church…okay maybe that’s pushing it.  Either way it’s still a great example of two legends from different ends of the musical spectrum collaborating to produce something special.

Standout Track: You Are Not Alone, We’re Gonna Make It

Recommended If You Like: Being inspired, time traveling, Mavis Staples

Purchase ‘You Are Not Alone’ by Mavis Staples on iTunes – Download

(16) – Yeasayer – ODD Blood – Brooklyn indie art pop fusion type deal (yes that means basically nothing).  This sophomore album takes an already innovative debut sound, sends it to the moon, and somehow manages to still be poppier than the first one.  God bless acid trips and too many sci-fi flicks.

Standout Track: Ambling Alp, O.N.E.

Recommended If You Like: MGMT, Passion Pit, danc-y/hipster things.

Purchase Odd.Blood by Yeasayer on iTunes – Download

Honorable Mention: All Grown Up E.P. – Okay so it’s not out yet.  It comes out December 30th and I’ve heard all the demos.  It’s good, its hard, its danc-y, it would be a lot higher on this list if it were out already.

Standout Track: Springsteen Sting, Criminal Smoothe

Recommended If You Like: Gaslight Anthem, Kid Dynamite, late night parties

All Grown Up EP on bandcamp (out December 30th) – Download

– Rich


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