Monday Suggestion (12-27-10)

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So I’ve been sick in bed for the past two days, what a way to end the year right?  As a result I haven’t really had the chance to write this blog.  However, in light of this I’m going to suggest what I’ve been doing with my time while sick (other than watching the Giants break my heart).

Mad Men is an AMC original program based on the Advertising Industry in the 1960’s, specifically the firm Sterling Cooper and it’s ace Creative Director turned partner Don Draper.  This show is full of sexual harassment, whiskey, cigarettes and all those other descriptors that can be applied to the good ol’ American way of life in the 60s.  Its captivating, funny, sexy and makes you want a drink and a smoke.  What else do you need in a TV show?

I just finished Season 1 on Netflix, and other than Modern Family, this might be the most addictive show I’ve seen in a really long time.  I’m late to the game (the show started in 2007), but luckily I’ve been able to get a fresh start as I haven’t watched a single episode prior to starting Season 1 in November.

I’m going to leave this post brief, as I’m going to take a nice hot shower and try to steam the crap that’s chilling in my sinuses out before I leave for first night of recording with Dussel Has Friends.

Here’s two videos that I think summarize the show well.  Seriously, go get into it…



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