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Impromptu Post

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Thoughts on David Foster Wallace-Connected Reblog

DFW Forever is a blog dedicated to David Foster Wallace, who is the writer, to limit myself to saying ONE thing about him, addressed the discord between literature and the experience literature is supposed to represent that just kind of always bugged people on a level that never really had an opportunity to express and so most likely contributed to our relinquishing of much of our attention to literature in general. (adjunct to this one thing…) Wallace was maybe the first to create a way to express it…perhaps more on this another time.

Here is a recent post of theirs:



David Foster Wallace memories

The largest collection of DFW memories on the web. It is perhaps the most touching thing I have ever read.




Impromptu Post (11-16-10)

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Article I wrote about Life Size Maps for

Here’s an article I wrote for about Life Size Maps.  If you like bands like fun., Ra Ra Riot, Jukebox The Ghost or Gabriel the Marine you’ll enjoy these guys.  Check it out and subscribe to my column!!

– Rich


Impromptu Post (11-11-10)

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Article Rich wrote for about The Twees



Impromptu Post (11-08-10)

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Check out an article Rich wrote for on cult Long Island punk band All Grown Up.


Also check out the teaser for the new All Grown Up EP coming out next month!




Technical Difficulties

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Sorry for the inconvenience. But as a very modest consolation (with our deepest regret and hopes you will not be forever disinclined to visiting our blog) we will refrain from referring to you as “folks”.

Due to Technical Difficulties (let’s just leave it at that), we do not have an article for our This Week’s Article that is posted on Tuesdays. And hence, it would not be a very good This Week’s Article without it.

We should get our shit together and our asses in gear soon enough to have the article finished and posted before the lights go down on the city (congrats to the San Fran Giants, their fans, and, of course, Steve Perry…As for Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, however- Here’s to hoping it wasn’t everything you expected so that you can, by the Grace of God, wake up to confront the emptiness at the heart of your niche-obsessed career, and finally begin to address, with whatever capabilities for self-nourishment you have left that have not withered and become atrophied, the existential needs that have plagued your soul and from which you’ve been running like the hounds of hell.).

Again, we apologize for any additional difficulties ours may have caused for you.

-Matt; With special thanks to the animators of The Simpsons circa, some time in the 90s when it was still funny instead of just kinda funny.


Impromptu Post (10-30-10)

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Happy Halloween!

Jeremy Messersmith – A Girl, A Boy, A Graveyard.

This song gets my Best New Halloween Song Award.  I would listen to this song anytime of the year, it’s that good.  The video is really well done too, I’m into it.

Definitely looking up more by this guy next week.

That’s all for my Halloween posts.  Have fun this weekend and if you see an exact replica of Mr. Rogers on the Upper East Side tonight complete with King Friday puppet, it’s probably me, holla!



Someone is actually paying Rich to write about music!

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Hey everyone,

Hope all is well.  I was recently hired as a NYC Local Music correspondent for  My first review was posted today, and I would really appreciate it if you would come check it out.  If you like it, please subscribe to my posts, it’ll help get me paid more!

Here’s the link to my first article about my friends in Aunt Ange:

Thanks guys!  Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you all some good suggestions for new tunes!