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Technical Difficulties

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Sorry for the inconvenience. But as a very modest consolation (with our deepest regret and hopes you will not be forever disinclined to visiting our blog) we will refrain from referring to you as “folks”.

Due to Technical Difficulties (let’s just leave it at that), we do not have an article for our This Week’s Article that is posted on Tuesdays. And hence, it would not be a very good This Week’s Article without it.

We should get our shit together and our asses in gear soon enough to have the article finished and posted before the lights go down on the city (congrats to the San Fran Giants, their fans, and, of course, Steve Perry…As for Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, however- Here’s to hoping it wasn’t everything you expected so that you can, by the Grace of God, wake up to confront the emptiness at the heart of your niche-obsessed career, and finally begin to address, with whatever capabilities for self-nourishment you have left that have not withered and become atrophied, the existential needs that have plagued your soul and from which you’ve been running like the hounds of hell.).

Again, we apologize for any additional difficulties ours may have caused for you.

-Matt; With special thanks to the animators of The Simpsons circa, some time in the 90s when it was still funny instead of just kinda funny.