Monday’s Suggestions

Every Monday we leave a suggestion for the week. The suggestion is concrete, like a book one of us has read or a movie, an album, website, multiple websites, article/s, an artist, or author, etc. It generally should be something that could last you the week, but that isn’t set in stone. It’s never going to get too abstract (if it does [and if now at the time you’re reading this already has] then it means we’ve lost focus or interest and should probably concede to gravity and just drop it altogether) so you won’t be getting any, like, simple tactics for becoming better listener or accessing the positive, more confidant and all around best you inside of you. No antioxidants or super-foods. Oprah’s already pretty much exhausted the range of possibilities for the self-improvement genre, and our input would only be like barely audible static at this point. Not that we don’t view some of the things we suggest as wholesome or enriching. It’s that all of the thought that goes into the post should (again, if it’s done correctly) be fixed on the thing itself, or it should orbit it, and not the constitution of you or me.


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