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What To Do This Weekend (11-18-10)

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The “Free” Exhibit at the New Museum



While my initial inclination was to suggest seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I decided that the majority of the people interested enough in doing so that they would read about it already have tickets for the midnight showing tonight.  Myself included.

Instead I suggest checking out the “Free” Exhibit at the New Museum in the Bowery section of the Lower East Side this weekend.  “Free” uses different artistic mediums to explore how the internet has changed our concept of public spaces as well as how we relate to each other socially.

The project description says it best:

““Free” explores how the internet has fundamentally changed our landscape of information and our notion of public space. Today, our shared space has expanded beyond streets and schools to more distributed forms of collectivity. What constitutes this expanded public is not only greater social connectedness but a highly visual, hybrid commons of information.”

This exhibit is at once a history lesson, art exhibit and prediction for our society’s future.  You can go for a casual afternoon and check out some beautiful work, but you will undoubtedly leave contemplating how life has changed over the past 100 years, and how far it will go in the next 100.

Trust me, I advocate checking out Deathly Hallows, as I said I’m going tonight at midnight.  However, when you return from the Battle of Hogwarts, make the trip into the Bowery to check out this exhibit and get a fascinating dose of realism.

But still, do this as well…

– Rich






Tuesday’s Article (07-27-10)

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Water is my muse”.

With all the experience Brooklyn-based artist Ran Ortner has accumulated in his 51 years, it says a lot about the power and magnetism of water that he has chosen to dedicate his entire career to capturing it’s image on canvas (as well as through other creative media).  From when he was five until he turned eighteen, Ortner’s family lived in the wilderness in Alaska.  This is not the ‘slightly behid the times’ living arrangements that is often passed off as wilderness, but the real deal: isolated cabin without running water and wood fires their sole source of heat. During this time, the Ortners’ favorite way to escape the harsh Alaskan weather would be to go on an occasional three to four month excursion to South America, clearly not the typical idea of a family vacation.

From there Ran followed a mounting obsession with surfing, which landed him in a period of constant travel along the beaches of California and Mexico.  During this time he also fell in love with motorcycles and more importantly art.  In 1990, he decided the best way for him to pursue the latter was to go east to New York City, where he has resided since (he currently lives in Brooklyn).

His new exhibit “Deep Water” will run at the Causey Contemporary Art Gallery (92 Wythe Avenue) from August 30th until October 10th, with a reception taking place September 16th.  This will add to big past two years he’s had professionally, beginning last year when he was awarded $250,000 as the recipient of first place honors at the Michigan-based International Art Prize Competition, which happens to be the largest award ever given for an Art Competition, and resulted in Ran receiving write ups in prominent publications such as, the New York Daily News, and even the coveted Artsbeat Section of the New York Times.

To learn more about Ran Ortner and his work, check out this article or his official webpage.