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What To Do This Weekend (12-08-10)

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Bad Rabbits, Gabriel The Marine, Secret Secret Dino Club, Night Fevers & Dussel Has Friends @ Broadway Bar (Amityville, NY)








This Friday night you’re going to have the chance to start off your holiday season with a bang.

Before I tell you why, I just want to clarify that in an effort to avoid any potential labeling as narcissistic, I won’t be talking about the fact that my band Dussel Has Friends is on this bill.  That being said, by now hopefully you know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to how to spent the precious few hours you have over the weekend to enjoy yourself.  So I give you my word, it is with only mild self-interest that I recommend this show to you.

Here’s a little bit about who’s performing:

Bad Rabbits
I saw Bad Rabbits at Maxwell’s in Hoboken last year, and have been itching to see them again since.  They blend Hip Hop, Funk and ridiculous musicianship into one nice little package.  For some reason, they give me the feeling you could have easily switched them for Parliament Funkadelic in the house party scene in PCU and it would have been just as epic. Trust me,  you’ll be hearing a lot about these guys in 2011.

Gabriel The Marine
On the one hand, if I give Gabriel The Marine any more praise on this blog I could probably start charging them PR fees.  On the other hand, I might get accused of having a little bit of an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with them.  So in hopes of not achieving fanboy status before they even sign a record deal, I’m just going to give you a link to a review of them I wrote for

Night Fevers
Still wrestling with the question of  whether or not blow is right for you?  Fear not, this is your answer.  Night Fevers is sonic cocaine.  Even better, they won’t kill you or end up making you dress like 1970s David Bowie.  Be forewarned though, bring your own glo-sticks.  These guys may pass them out at shows, but they packed Arlene’s Grocery so full a couple of weeks ago that the cops had to come shut the place down. Translation, they might run out before you get there.

So come down Friday night; drink, dance and be merry.  I promise you this will be one hell of a shindig, especially if you stick around for the after party.   Because once the rock and hip hop portion of the night wraps up, GRVRBBRS is gonna keep the rager going with a good ol’fashion dance party (Hint: save the glo-sticks from Night Fevers set!).

Lesssss goooo!!!

Happy non-denominational holidays!




What To Do This Weekend (11-04-10)

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Gabriel The Marine/ Hotel Of The Laughing Tree/ Republic of Wolves @ Party Expo in Brooklyn *(Friday Nov. 5th [NOT Saturday the 6th!])

If you were to take a quick look at my previous weekend suggestions a few trends would arise in terms of what I find entertaining.  One of the most common would be DIY shows in dungeon-esque basements or seedy warehouses and another would be Gabriel The Marine.

This saturday at Party Expo in Bushwick, you can experience both.  Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.

The Music – Gabriel The Marine is an indie rock act in the vein of Ra Ra Riot.  I’ve noted several times that I hold them atop my list of bands restoring my faith in the Long Island music scene.  They will be joined by three other awesome bands currently breaking out of Long Island.

The Venue – Party Expo is a Wu Tang approved DIY spot in Bushwick that seems to have as many visits from the cops as it does concert goers.  However, despite having nights occasionally shut down the venue still manages a steady stream of awesome shows. I would most compare Party Expo to Death By Audio in Williamsburg, however DBA does have a major one up on Party Expo; a liquor license.  Don’t let the fact that Party Expo shows are dry for the time being stop you from going Saturday though, Beauty Bar is two doors down, and the venue allows re-entry.  This makes it pretty easy to slip out between bands for a beer and a shot…or two.

Conclusion – If it’s good enough for Raekwon, it’s good enough for me.  Let’s go!

– Rich


What To Do This Weekend (10-21-10)

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2010 CMJ Festival

Every October, the music industry descends on Manhattan and Brooklyn to determine who’s going to be the next big thing.  It’s about that time of the year again, and this weekend’s ‘What To Do’ post will give you a heads up on some performances that will be worth checking out.


  • Me First and the Gimme GimmesA collaboration of pop punk legends covering ridiculous songs in a deceptively appropriate pop-punk fashion. (7 PM – Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series).
  • This ConditionInfectious pop rock in the vein of the All American Rejects.  You’re guaranteed to leave this show with a smile on your face and a slightly more positive outlook then you walked in with. (7:50 PM – The Delancey).
  • Bad RabbitsBoston Hip Hop funksters.  I caught these guys in Hoboken last year and have been spinning their Stick-Up kids EP ever since.  Parliament Funkadelics meets Travie McCoy. (8 Pm – Purevolume House).
  • Atomic Tom – Watch this video.  Enough said. (10 PM – Arlene’s Grocery).
  • Bear Hands – Brooklyn hipsters that are more concerned with writing catchy tunes than being cooler than you (which in turn probably makes them cooler than you).  Been diggin’ on these guys for a couple of years now.  (12 AM – Bowery Electric).
  • Nada Surf – Indie rock royalty that somehow managed to keep their street cred despite how popular they got. (1 AM – Mercury Lounge).  Forgive that pun please…


  • HelmetRemember these guys? (8 PM – Gramercy Theatre).
  • The KickDrums – Rza approved indie kids from B(c)rooklyn.  A lot better than that description makes them out to sound. (9:40 PM – Le Poisson Lounge).
  • The TweesEqual parts The Strokes and The Walkmen.  This is currently one of my favorite bands (mostly because they remind me of sneaking into the city to go see those bands 10 years ago). (10:15 PM – The Charleston).
  • Surfer Blood – Florida low-fi kids make a stop in NY before heading to Europe.  Great way to end your CMJ weekend (1 AM – Bowery Ballroom).

– Rich


What To Do This Weekend (10-14-10)

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Vinny Vegas at Fat Baby (Lower East Side)

Vinny Vegas has the potential to be the Tim Burton of indie rock.  Their sound intertwines the infectious melodies of traditional pop success stories with eery and progressive elements to create something both credible and accessible, just as Nightmare Before Christmas did as a film.  It’s no easy task to create heavily layered music with experimental song structure and have it still appeal to the common music fan rocking out at their desk, but Vinny Vegas does so, and with gusto.

The best part, they pull it off live.

This saturday night they will be making the Baltimore to NYC trek to prove Baltimore’s music scene has something considerably more appealing than Animal Collective to offer.  The party is at Fat Baby, and VV will be joined by Dogs Will Run Until They Die (Matthew Manning of Chronicles solo project) and the newly formed Fredrick the Victorious.

If you’ve never been to Fat Baby, it’s a small basement venue with a great beer selection and awesome sound on Rivington St, an ideal setting to check out a band like Vinny Vegas.  Their live set drives like a late night house party, but somehow comes off ridiculously tight.  In an intimate setting like this, you’re going to get one of those performances that reminds you what going to see local music is all about, and without being bombarded with hipster cliches.  This is a rare opportunity these days, so you better jump on it!

Here is a link to the Facebook Invite for more details.  I’ll see you there!



What To Do This Weekend (09-23-10)

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Sarcasm Reunion Show @ Vibe Lounge (w/ support from Dussel Has Friends)

About 5 years ago I was going to Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre at least once a week.  If I wasn’t playing a show, I was going to check out some local or regional act that was on the same circuit as my old band before heading out to one of the other local bars. Although I was never going specifically to see Sarcasm, they would be on a lot of the bills and I would always stick around for their sets.  They had a sound indicative of the Long Island scene I loved, and always put on a kick ass show.

As 99% of bands inevitably do, they broke up and to be honest, I didn’t think much of it.  In fact I don’t think the band crossed my mind again until I saw they were doing a reunion show.  It could just be some sort of nostalgia-fueled optimism but I have a deep rooted feeling that this show can’t suck.  Sarcasm always tore the roof off every club I saw them play, and I have a feeling that five years away from being on stage together is going to result in an even more energetic show than I’ve seen in the past.  It doesn’t hurt that my band Dussel Has Friends was added to the bill as direct support, but even if we weren’t I know exactly where I would be Saturday night.

Vibe Lounge is a small club (cap 150) in Rockville Centre that somehow seems to attract bills that you would expect to be at a bigger club like Mulcahy’s or The Crazy Donkey.  It is also surrounded by a half dozen awesome bars, so after the show ends (at which point Vibe turns into a dance club) there is always someplace you can go within walking distance to get some beers and hang out.

Saturday will be a really good time.  There will be a lot of sing-alongs and dancing and no shortage of drunken revelry.  It might get a little crowded so be forewarned but you’ll be having such a good time raging that it probably won’t be that big of a deal.  In fact, it might even enhance the experience for you.  Afterwards you can cool down at Longhorn’s, Churchill’s, Croxley’s, MacArthur Park, RJ Daniel’s or some combination of the lot depending on what you’re in the mood for.

You will sweat.  You will drink.  You might even dance if the mood strikes you.  But no matter what, you will have more fun than your friends that don’t show up!