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Vital Information Part Deux (12-16-10)

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Top 20 Albums of 2010 (Part II: Albums 15-11)

In lieu of a ‘What To Do This Weekend’ post, I’ve decided to press on with my best albums of 2010 list.  I tend to suffer from blogger procrastination so if I don’t keep it going I might end up finishing the list in 2011, at which point we all know I should have started preparing for the ‘Best of 2011’ list by then…

Sit back pour some hot cocoa or eggnog or a white russian if that’s how you get down, and start looking into these records!

(15) Gaslight Anthem – American Slang – Sounds like Bruce Springsteen fronting the Bouncing Souls.  What a surprise they’re from jersey!

Standout Track: The Boxer, We Did It When We Were Young, Stay Lucky

Recommended If You Like: New Jersey, Bouncing Souls, Bruce Springsteen, Airborne Toxic Event

Purchase ‘American Slang’ by Gaslight Anthem on iTunes – Download

(14) Rogue Wave – Permalight – Peppy indie shoe-gaze.  Recently signed to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records.  It’s got more bounce to the ounce than your average indie band.  The best part is they avoid the current trend of sounding like they’re playing to the hipster ‘tweens set.

Standout Track: Solitary Gun, Permalight

Recommended If You Like: Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, Spoon

Purchase ‘Permalight’ by Rogue Wave on iTunes – Download

(13) Fences – Self-Titled – Thoughtful singer/songwriter with a clear punk background.  Best comparison would be to Chris Carrabba finally accepting high school is over and starting to tackle actual big kid problems.

Standout Track: The Same Tattoos, Girls With Accents, From Russia With Love

Recommended If You Like: Death Cab For Cutie, Elliott Smith, Dashboard Confessional

Purchase ‘Fences’ by Fences on iTunes – Download

(12) Angie Mattson – Skeleton Arm – Hauntingly ethereal down home blues.  Surprisingly un-L.A. sounding.  I had the honor of playing with her in Philadelphia this past October and the record has been on repeat ever since.  If you like the theme song to “True Blood” and the female singer/songwriter aesthetic this is for you.

Standout Track: Cool Water, Mississippi

Recommended If You Like: Glasser, Bat For Lashes, Fiona Apple

Purchase ‘Skeleton Arm’ by Angie Mattson on iTunes – Download

(11) MGMT – Congratulations – A lot of people hated on this album and said it wasn’t as good as ‘Oracular Spectacular’…I disagree.  Oracular Spectacular may have been poppier but this album shows a lot of growth in terms of musicianship…and its druggier.

Standout Tracks: It’s Working, Flash Delirium, Siberian Breaks

Recommended If You Like: Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, LSD

Purchase ‘Congratulations’ by MGMT on iTunes – Download

(Honorable Mention) Bear Hands – Burning Bush Supper Club – This was a hard album to leave off the list.  I’ve been a big fan of these Brooklyn boys for about two years.  I think the reason it didn’t make my actual list is because I got the album late in the game and I think I still like their “Golden EP” more.  However, I can definitely see that changing as I get more familiar with BBSC.

Standout Tracks: Crime Pays, What A Drag, Can’t Stick Em

Recommended If You Like: Yeasayer, MGMT, Passion Pit

Purchase ‘Burning Bush Supper Club’ by Bear Hands on iTunes – Download

10 Down 10 to go!

Here’s the link to Albums 20-16

– Rich




Monday’s Suggestion (10-18-10)

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Angie Mattson

Angie Mattson is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter by way of Michigan, North Carolina, the Caribbean and a million other places (read a full bio here).  Her sound is reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Florence & The Machine, but she delivers a sort of down home bluesy charm that separates her from these two exceptionally talented songwriters.

Her most recent record Skeleton Arm is a perfect soundtrack for a sultry summer afternoon spent locked in your apartment with a lover.  Angie has a voice that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention, and a knack for arranging songs in a matter that caters to both the technical minded musician and casual pop fan equally.

If you are fortunate enough to catch Angie Mattson in a live setting, you will experience a hybrid of the traditional singer/songwriter with a few small twists.  Angie and her guitar are joined onstage by Jeff Mendel, who largely carries out Angie’s hauntingly ethereal sound, and a Reel to Reel player that holds down the rhythm section as well as the auxiliary instrumentation that would be other wise impossible to pull off on the shoe-string budget of a struggling touring musician such as Miss Mattson.

Angie Mattson has lived a truly fascinating life, and her music is full of the little knick-knacks of experience she has picked up along the way.  Even if you do not fall immediately in love with Skeleton Arm, it’s worth a couple of listens before you abandon it.  I’ve played the album for several people in the past week, some experienced love at first sight while others took a little time to become smitten with it.  Even if it was at their own pace, everyone I played it for eventually fell in love with the album.

You will too.

You can buy the album here.

– Rich