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Vital Information (12-15-10)

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Top 20 Albums of 2010 (Part 1: Albums 16-20)

It’s that time again.  You know what I’m talking about, when every two-bit music nerd with a blog and an inferiority complex still lingering from high school makes their top albums of the year list that looks remarkably like every other ‘top albums of the year’ list you find on the internet.

Clearly, I’m not above this ego-stroking so without further delay, here’s the first installment of what topped my playlist for 2010.  Oh and if it looks like a bunch of other lists you’ve seen so far this year, it’s because these albums kick serious ass and belong there, just sayin’…

(20) [The] Slowest Runner in All The World – We, Burning Giraffes – Brooklyn instrumental art rockers.  Sounds like Explosions in the Sky were locked in a room listening to Johnny Greenwood lecturing them on how daft the world is (in a British accent obviously) and how to spread the message via instruments.

Standout Track: Zoe Machete Control

Recommended If You Like: Explosions In The Sky, Johnny Greenwood, Sigur Ros

Purchase ‘We, Burning Giraffes’ by [The] Slowest Runner in all the World on bandcamp – Download

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What To Do This Weekend (12-08-10)

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Bad Rabbits, Gabriel The Marine, Secret Secret Dino Club, Night Fevers & Dussel Has Friends @ Broadway Bar (Amityville, NY)








This Friday night you’re going to have the chance to start off your holiday season with a bang.

Before I tell you why, I just want to clarify that in an effort to avoid any potential labeling as narcissistic, I won’t be talking about the fact that my band Dussel Has Friends is on this bill.  That being said, by now hopefully you know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to how to spent the precious few hours you have over the weekend to enjoy yourself.  So I give you my word, it is with only mild self-interest that I recommend this show to you.

Here’s a little bit about who’s performing:

Bad Rabbits
I saw Bad Rabbits at Maxwell’s in Hoboken last year, and have been itching to see them again since.  They blend Hip Hop, Funk and ridiculous musicianship into one nice little package.  For some reason, they give me the feeling you could have easily switched them for Parliament Funkadelic in the house party scene in PCU and it would have been just as epic. Trust me,  you’ll be hearing a lot about these guys in 2011.

Gabriel The Marine
On the one hand, if I give Gabriel The Marine any more praise on this blog I could probably start charging them PR fees.  On the other hand, I might get accused of having a little bit of an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with them.  So in hopes of not achieving fanboy status before they even sign a record deal, I’m just going to give you a link to a review of them I wrote for

Night Fevers
Still wrestling with the question of  whether or not blow is right for you?  Fear not, this is your answer.  Night Fevers is sonic cocaine.  Even better, they won’t kill you or end up making you dress like 1970s David Bowie.  Be forewarned though, bring your own glo-sticks.  These guys may pass them out at shows, but they packed Arlene’s Grocery so full a couple of weeks ago that the cops had to come shut the place down. Translation, they might run out before you get there.

So come down Friday night; drink, dance and be merry.  I promise you this will be one hell of a shindig, especially if you stick around for the after party.   Because once the rock and hip hop portion of the night wraps up, GRVRBBRS is gonna keep the rager going with a good ol’fashion dance party (Hint: save the glo-sticks from Night Fevers set!).

Lesssss goooo!!!

Happy non-denominational holidays!



Impromptu Post (11-16-10)

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Article I wrote about Life Size Maps for

Here’s an article I wrote for about Life Size Maps.  If you like bands like fun., Ra Ra Riot, Jukebox The Ghost or Gabriel the Marine you’ll enjoy these guys.  Check it out and subscribe to my column!!

– Rich



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In this week’s What To Do This Weekend, there was a mistake made about the date of the Gabriel The Marine/ Hotel Of The Laughing Tree/ Republic of Wolves show at Party Expo we suggested that you to attend.

Here’s the link: What To Do This Weekend

We have corrected it. But in case you checked yesterday, marked it on your calendar, and are not going to go back and check it again, here’s your notice.

We’re sorry for the mistake.


What To Do This Weekend (11-04-10)

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Gabriel The Marine/ Hotel Of The Laughing Tree/ Republic of Wolves @ Party Expo in Brooklyn *(Friday Nov. 5th [NOT Saturday the 6th!])

If you were to take a quick look at my previous weekend suggestions a few trends would arise in terms of what I find entertaining.  One of the most common would be DIY shows in dungeon-esque basements or seedy warehouses and another would be Gabriel The Marine.

This saturday at Party Expo in Bushwick, you can experience both.  Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.

The Music – Gabriel The Marine is an indie rock act in the vein of Ra Ra Riot.  I’ve noted several times that I hold them atop my list of bands restoring my faith in the Long Island music scene.  They will be joined by three other awesome bands currently breaking out of Long Island.

The Venue – Party Expo is a Wu Tang approved DIY spot in Bushwick that seems to have as many visits from the cops as it does concert goers.  However, despite having nights occasionally shut down the venue still manages a steady stream of awesome shows. I would most compare Party Expo to Death By Audio in Williamsburg, however DBA does have a major one up on Party Expo; a liquor license.  Don’t let the fact that Party Expo shows are dry for the time being stop you from going Saturday though, Beauty Bar is two doors down, and the venue allows re-entry.  This makes it pretty easy to slip out between bands for a beer and a shot…or two.

Conclusion – If it’s good enough for Raekwon, it’s good enough for me.  Let’s go!

– Rich


What To Do This Weekend (08-26-10)

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Envy on the Coast @ Irving Plaza (8/28 & 8/29)

I seem to find myself writing about the Long Island music scene quite often these days.  It could be excitement over a new generation of local bands that keep creeping up my itunes most played list or just me falling into the old trap of “write what you know”, but for whatever reason when I sit down to write, some variation on this topic seems to keep leaking out of my fingers on to the screen.

This week’s recommendation for the weekend is no exception.

I like to refer to 2005-2008 as the dark ages of Long Island music.  Once Taking Back Sunday and Brand New made their way into the mainstream, it seemed as though every band coming out of LI was either a doppleganger of one of those two bands or straight forward pop rock trying to ride the buzz swirling around the “Long Island Emo Band” concept.  During this time there were very few bands that I considered proper ambassadors of Long Island music, and only two garnered national attention.  One was The Sleeping, the other, Envy on the Coast, will unfortunately be playing their farewell shows this saturday and sunday at Irving Plaza.

I suggest you do your best to make it to at least one of these shows.

Not only is Envy on the Coast’s live performance like riding the boat from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory through the annals of Long Island rock, but the support acts they chose are all bands I would pay the ticket price for even if Envy wasn’t on the bill.  If you go Saturday, you get to see The Sleeping, who I mentioned in the previous paragraph and Neighbors, a LI band with a clear EOTC influence and a bright future. If you find yourself at Sunday’s show,  you’ll catch Gabriel The Marine (who I blog about probably once a week here) and the Bad Rabbits, a hip hop funk band I was lucky enough to see at the Sons of Modern Holiday Party last year.  What this adds up to is if you do decide to go to either show, make sure you get there at doors.  One more pre-game beer is not worth missing any of these acts.

EOTC might not have had a long career, but they definitely had a significant impact on a very influential music scene.  I give them a huge amount of credit for the quality of music coming out of Long Island at the moment and it’s a shame to see them go. They are all ridiculous musicians, and I’m sure whatever they move on to next will be awesome, but EOTC has become an institution on the Long Island Scene.  I’ve probably seen them 10 times in the past 4 years, and it’s kind of sad to think this weekend will be the last opportunity to do so.

If you’re still unsure if you want to check one of these shows out, here’s a live video of EOTC last performance at Irving Plaza.  It should clear up any doubt of whether or not this will be worthwhile.


Tuesday’s Article (08-24-10)

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Wiki Scenes…I must be getting old.

The days of local bands that never quite broke out of their hometown surviving in the whispers of ‘scene people’ and their little brothers are apparently over. The local band hero has been relegated to the pop culture graveyard where it will spend the rest of eternity slowly decaying along with other formerly relevant items such as pogs and slap bracelets.  From this point on, all will be well documented and those of us still living off of the greatness of a former band will no longer be able to keep snowballing our legacy.

In short, it’s reality check time.

Okay, so maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but the “Long Island Music Scene Wiki” is going to change things considerably.  The site was created by Dylan Ebrahimian of Gabriel The Marine (one of the more talented Long Island bands currently garnering ‘off island’ respect), and is tracking the progress and pitfalls of local artists as well as the incestuous band-hopping that occurs with Long Island musicians.  In addition to the bands that are currently active, Mr. Ebrahimian is also going through the process of completing the family tree of Long Island bands, using the wiki as a way to pay homage to great LI bands of the past such as Inside, V.O.D. and Silent Majority. If that weren’t enough, he is also compiling a 200 page reference guide of every place to play live music on Long Island and the relevant contact information with the goal of helping Long Island bands book their own shows.

Not bad for a 24 year old.

At this point you might be asking how the concept of a local music scene wiki is really going to change anything?  Well just like how it’s important for Dylan to give credit to Long Island bands of the past in his wiki, we too must look at the history of the local scene in general to understand.

First there were local shows.  These shows created a lineage of bands that were only known through word of mouth.  The history was kept in the way of the ‘ancients’, that is only through oral tradition (and demo tapes).

Then came Myspace, a.k.a. the worst thing that ever happened to the concept of a ‘local scene’.  With myspace came the dawn of it being cool to ‘know the unknown’ with regards to music.  This lead to the ‘myspace generation’ of bands, which had a shelf life of about 2 months.

Now that myspace is dying (darn…), bands are again forming new post-myspace scenes.  These scenes still utilize the internet for promotion and networking, but with the crowd that had been plowing through indie bands last year now devoting their ipod space to Kesha and Mike Posner, the old family feeling of local music is coming back around.

This wiki is a burning example of the return of the traditional local scene concept.  It reveres the idea of knowing your roots, and takes a more intelligent approach to using the internet in correlation with a real music community.  Something that works well with the intricate compositions of a lot of the bands currently emerging from Long Island like Gabriel the Marine or Robbers.

It shows pride in being a part of something special.  Something that was here before Taking Back Sunday (no dig at the band intended) and something that will hopefully be great long after our generation stops caring about local music.

Kudos to Mr. Ebrahimian and his cohorts for undertaking this massive project and approaching it the right way.   I’m glad they have the drive and intelligence to make it a success…

and that they dedicated a full entry to my old band.