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What To Do This Weekend (11-18-10)

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The “Free” Exhibit at the New Museum



While my initial inclination was to suggest seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I decided that the majority of the people interested enough in doing so that they would read about it already have tickets for the midnight showing tonight.  Myself included.

Instead I suggest checking out the “Free” Exhibit at the New Museum in the Bowery section of the Lower East Side this weekend.  “Free” uses different artistic mediums to explore how the internet has changed our concept of public spaces as well as how we relate to each other socially.

The project description says it best:

““Free” explores how the internet has fundamentally changed our landscape of information and our notion of public space. Today, our shared space has expanded beyond streets and schools to more distributed forms of collectivity. What constitutes this expanded public is not only greater social connectedness but a highly visual, hybrid commons of information.”

This exhibit is at once a history lesson, art exhibit and prediction for our society’s future.  You can go for a casual afternoon and check out some beautiful work, but you will undoubtedly leave contemplating how life has changed over the past 100 years, and how far it will go in the next 100.

Trust me, I advocate checking out Deathly Hallows, as I said I’m going tonight at midnight.  However, when you return from the Battle of Hogwarts, make the trip into the Bowery to check out this exhibit and get a fascinating dose of realism.

But still, do this as well…

– Rich






What To Do This Weekend (11-11-10)

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This Condition


This Condition Music Video Shoot @ Crash Mansion (11/14)

When I first met This Condition they were an exceptionally talented, doggedly determined pop punk band with a ton of potential that was opening for my old band Styrofoam Junkies.

They also happened to be very young.

In the four years since, I’ve witnessed them make the transition from promising to professional.  Not just in terms of the rabid fan base and national touring experience they’ve acquired, but also as songwriters.  They always packed the sort of pop punch that was destined to be heard all over MTV, but they’ve added layers of depth and polish to their writing that I always thought they were capable of and hoped I’d get the chance to see one day.

This Sunday they’ll be taking the stage at Crash Mansion on the Lower East Side with another Long Island band that has earned a well deserved cult following, Patent Pending.  They’ll be filming the whole show for This Condition’s first music video, which means I would expect to see their A-game.

It’s been quite some time since the last time I’ve seen them play live, but they were always one of my favorite bands to play with, and if the YouTube videos I’ve seen of their more recent performances are any indicator, this is a can’t miss.

In short, this Sunday will be chock full of pop rock goodness that will leave you feeling a little bit better than you did when you got there…be a part of it!

Here’s the Facebook Event for more info.

– Rich


What To Do This Weekend (10-21-10)

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2010 CMJ Festival

Every October, the music industry descends on Manhattan and Brooklyn to determine who’s going to be the next big thing.  It’s about that time of the year again, and this weekend’s ‘What To Do’ post will give you a heads up on some performances that will be worth checking out.


  • Me First and the Gimme GimmesA collaboration of pop punk legends covering ridiculous songs in a deceptively appropriate pop-punk fashion. (7 PM – Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series).
  • This ConditionInfectious pop rock in the vein of the All American Rejects.  You’re guaranteed to leave this show with a smile on your face and a slightly more positive outlook then you walked in with. (7:50 PM – The Delancey).
  • Bad RabbitsBoston Hip Hop funksters.  I caught these guys in Hoboken last year and have been spinning their Stick-Up kids EP ever since.  Parliament Funkadelics meets Travie McCoy. (8 Pm – Purevolume House).
  • Atomic Tom – Watch this video.  Enough said. (10 PM – Arlene’s Grocery).
  • Bear Hands – Brooklyn hipsters that are more concerned with writing catchy tunes than being cooler than you (which in turn probably makes them cooler than you).  Been diggin’ on these guys for a couple of years now.  (12 AM – Bowery Electric).
  • Nada Surf – Indie rock royalty that somehow managed to keep their street cred despite how popular they got. (1 AM – Mercury Lounge).  Forgive that pun please…


  • HelmetRemember these guys? (8 PM – Gramercy Theatre).
  • The KickDrums – Rza approved indie kids from B(c)rooklyn.  A lot better than that description makes them out to sound. (9:40 PM – Le Poisson Lounge).
  • The TweesEqual parts The Strokes and The Walkmen.  This is currently one of my favorite bands (mostly because they remind me of sneaking into the city to go see those bands 10 years ago). (10:15 PM – The Charleston).
  • Surfer Blood – Florida low-fi kids make a stop in NY before heading to Europe.  Great way to end your CMJ weekend (1 AM – Bowery Ballroom).

– Rich