Vital Information

These are expository vignettes of complete information on subjects that are really not vital at all, but are written with the voice and seriousness as if they were. The subjects may be important, but the vignettes themselves are not. And if any of the information was truly vital, you would known it already. However, they should have idealized value, like knowing the actual layout of NYC sanitation systems or the logic behind prevailing secondary education policy at the superintendent-principal level, but which you really don’t need to know. In a perfect world, it would follow the weekly article like a Sancho Panza with Asperger, delineating to wits end the weird, technical aspects on that article’s periphery but we’ll most likely post one that has nothing to do with it. And also, we’re not always going hold to our ideals and investigate these topics as thoroughly and single-mindedly because it’s REALLY hard, and often tedious, and sometimes we’ll be up really late writing them and won’t have access to all the necessary information. But we’ll do our best.


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